The easiest-to-use captcha.

More pleasant and efficient than standard captcha.

And much more readable.

Our ads are helpful in taking the role of antispam instead of traditional captchas. More important, Captch Me is much easier and pleasant to copy than these increasingly unreadable captchas.
Whether it's a purchase or a contribution to the content of a site, our participation is facilitated.

Captch Me is committed to providing a fun and playful solution to users. Your best guarantee: to satisfy our users is necessary for the success of our business!

Enjoyable experience
Necessary antispam security

Captch Me allows publishers and webmasters to secure their site, to protect themselves against spam during interactions with their users.

We allow them to replace their current captchas by our publicaptchas. Everyone wins: our user experience is more enjoyable, and publisher monetizes this security space.

The publisher is paid for our actions through a system that makes our lives easier!

Captch Me secures websites against spam
in a so much more enjoyable and readable way
than standard captchas.

Vexed Google reCaptcha™ suspects you being a robot?
Or just tired to copy "KhiM4xOP" for every file download?
Try Captch Me, and help us improve with your user feedback.
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