Earn money with Captch Me.

Earn money with Captch Me

Smart and remunerative ad formats.

Security, user experience, money.

Standard captchas rely on a graphical distortion of texts not to be read by robots. But robots techniques for detecting those texts are improving, and captchas gradually become understandable by machines and unreadable for humans.

Captch Me is based on innovative techniques to protect against automated responses, and allocates a large share of its budget to research and development of new methods of security. If the infallible security does not exist on the Internet, we are still able to stay one step ahead of the spammers!

Reliable antispam security
Monetize user actions

Are your visitors involved in your content?
Captch Me can directly monetize content and interactions of your users.

We are thus different from other advertising agencies: they reward your traffic, which often results from interactions that you generate on your site with your users ; we pay for these interactions themselves.

"The more my users are involved, the more I earn money" conventional advertising would answer "yes, indirectly". We answer "yes, mechanically".

Our ads are helpful in taking the role of anti-spam, and more fun to enter than captchas - considered unreadable.

The user thus has no negative perception of our system, unlike some ads deemed intrusive.
The study of the Wharton School of Business confirms these results.

Whether it's a purchase, or a contribution to the content of your site, the user participation is facilitated - and conversion rates is improved.

Your visitors are thus much more likely to take action on your site when no unreadable captcha discomfort them.

Enjoyable experience
Easy and fast integration

Captch Me install takes a few minutes and requires no special computer skills.

As for standard captcha, we provide a portion of code to insert into your forms (where the publicaptcha will be displayed), and our plugin checks the user input (this plugin ensures the security of exchanges between your site and our services).

Captch Me is compatible with any website, regardless of the language in which it was built: our plugins are written in various existing languages​​.

Boost your audience and your monetization.

Upstream support

We can assist you at early stages with our technical teams: possible integration and outsourcing.

Boost your audience

Boost your audience through our solution that fits your site. Suitable for PC, mobile and tablet. Cross-browser.

Additional source of income

Adopt a new source of additional income on new formats that were not previously monetizable.

Also available in white label

Use our white label technology,
and commercialize yourself your ad spaces.

Your business, our technology.
Earn money with Captch Me

We offer plugins for the main
platforms of the market (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, vBulletin, phpBB, formMail,...).

Monetize your antispam easily.

Thus Captch Me represents a particularly interesting "ready-made" solution
for webmasters of these e-commerce or participating sites,
who wish to monetize their antispam solution, while improving their users experience!
Earn money with Captch Me

Our various publishers formats

Earn money with Captch Me

Monetized antispam and
best conversion rate:
Captch Me, the advertising captcha
that will change your life !

NB: publishers who think they already receive too much income can choose to waive their Captch Me commissions.
Earn money with Captch Me