Run your surveys and collect data.

Display your ads to the right targets.

One technology, two offers.

Real-time consumer surveys

Want to know what your customers think ? Ask them !

Captch Me can ask a question to all Internet users, in real time, for a ridiculous price. You no longer have an excuse for not doing your market research.

Collect your declarative data with Captch Me and create your own specific marketing segments.

Go speak to your customers : run a survey, collect real-time responses and use them to target the right people.

Precision and freedom for ad targeting based on knowledge rather than suspicion.

100% attention on your ads

We created a new advertising space where the user's attention is captive.

When you want to participate in a contest or comment an article, you are forced to answer a captcha. All your attention is focused for a moment on that area.

Run your ads in Captch Me captcha spaces and benefit from garanteed views and high click and share rates.

Run your ads directly into our captchas spaces to benefit from this attention, less than a few cents per display.

Brandformance models: CPM, CPC, CPVisit, CPView - formats: pictures, videos (VAST / VPAID compliant) and interactive.

Compatible with any device (except iPhone for video).

Captch Me, the advertising format that
captivates your audience:
the good scenario with our real-time surveys,
100% of attention with our ads.

NB: discrete brands please refrain: Captch Me is likely to attract attention to yourself by communicating efficiently.