Run your surveys in real-time,
and collect data.

Real-time surveys, declarative data

Run your survey. But not only.

Captch Me serving brands.

Analyze in real-time

Want to know what your customers really think?
Ask them!

Captchas are unreadable

Go speak to your customers, listen to their needs to know the real ones. Captch Me allows you to engage with your communities of prospects.

Retarget users

Involve your customers in your communication by making them talk : run your survey, and use the answers to retarget surfers.

With Captch Me, captcha is readable and entertaining for the user With Captch Me, captcha is readable and entertaining for the user

Precision and freedom for ad targeting based on knowledge rather than suspicion.
Ask > learn > act!

Go and talk with your customers.

Dialogue. Engagement. Experience.

To find out what people really think, just ask them! Ask the real web users in real-time, not just those who choose to participate in research panels.

Your market research, real-time and accurate.

What do your customers think? Ask them!
Touch users with ultra customized communication

We are able to retarget users we know, and display them targeted advertising on most of the sites they visit, or send them a personalized email. Make your existing marketing profiles more accurate with our surveys, or create your dedicated segments.

Bigger (declarative) Data!

6,000,000+ unique visitors for 50,000,000+ displays and 2,500,000+ answers / month (Q1-2015). A strike force for your surveys without equivalent, with the targeting capabilities usually reserved for ad targeting (inclusion / exclusion of audience).

Run your survey on media such as M6, turbo.Fr ,, openoffice, FileZila...

The real-time survey tool that let you ask all internet users
Non-intrusive polls for a fun experience

The common feature of the spaces where we distribute your surveys ? They capture the attention of Internet users at a time when they are mind-free, usually at the end of action (just before posting his comment), or at the end of visit (when leaving a site).

Our leitmotiv : to not interfere or interrupt the users surf.

Boost your customer knowledge.

Market research

Ask your questions to users : make your market research in real time on every web user, or target a sample that matches your targeting criteria.

Product feedback

Gather feedback on your offer / product targeting the Internet users you're interested in (existing customers, prospects, ...). Draw with them the service they dream of!

Advertising post-test

Perform advertising post-test to check the impact of your mailing and display campaigns. Identify objective performance indicators to challenge your partners.

Audience qualification

Ask questions to your users to analyze the audience of your site, complete your first-party data and third party data with the results of our surveys, qualify your CRM profiles,...

Real-time surveys, declarative data
Real-time surveys, declarative data

Go and talk with your customers :
run your survey,
collect real-time responses and use them to retarget users.

Captch Me, the survey that accurately identifies your audience : the right person, at the right time with the right scenario.
Real-time surveys, declarative data