Make your advertising 100% visible,
and seen by humans.

Attention captured, ads 100% visible

Post your ads on our sites: each advertisement is viewed by a human.

And much more efficient than a classic ad.

Much better than any traditional advertising media, Captch Me really captures the attention of the user: the Captch Me security-area must be seen by the user to validate a form.

Our system ensures that each charged advertising is actually seen, read and remembered by the user.

For video campaigns, we even guarantee a playing time and can commit to a viewing at 100% of the video if the format is pretty short.

Attention mandatory
Better memorization

Your message is read and then typed: direct consequence, the impact on memory is unprecedented, as it's about copying your advertising message.

The study of the Wharton School of Business concludes that publicaptchas offer 111% additional memorization for your brand compared to the same ad in a different format!

The study also says that the impact on the memorization of the advertising message (copied in part or in its entirety by the user) is even stronger: your message is memorized 12 times better than the same advertising in a different format!

The user has no negative perception of our service, unlike some ads deemed intrusive. The study of the Wharton School of Business shows that the impact on the user experience is completely unnoticeable.

The two main use cases of Captch Me (antispam and micropayment) allow to combine our service to positive concepts for the user.

Captch Me is thus always associated with positive concepts for the user, such as facilitation or sponsorship: brands that advertise on our network benefit from this positive feeling of the user.

Positive feeling
Innovative medium

In addition to the existing communication media ​​available on conventional adnetworks, Captch Me leverages existing captchas spaces to broadcast your advertisements.

Publicaptcha is an innovative media, which allows brands to be present at the center of interactions with users - so far untapped.

Multiply your online presence by providing a new ad experience.

Boost your advertising efficiency

Upstream support

Give us a simple brief and we develop together your campaign: targeting, development of advertising, choice of format type (IAB image formats, video, interactive), creation of graphic elements. Our teams can help you to reformat one of your existing display campaigns.

The brandformance efficiency

We only charge for ads viewed and remembered by the user: Captch Me is awesome for your branding, but it also relies on ROI models based on engagement (CPView / CPType / CPVisit).
Every penny counts!

The tailor-made power

Because each of our employees is unique, our team understands that each client is unique too. We offer a tailor-made answer to each customer issue.
You have a need: we know how to answer to
your briefs.

A wide audience, that fits your needs

Our publishers are our strength

250 publishers. 500 000 blogs. To reach all audiences, Captch Me is based on two types of sites: the long tail (many small blogs with very targeted audience), reinforced by the premium media brands that complement this diversity.

Accurate and multiple targeting

Because each of your needs is accurate, each of our campaigns targets precisely the right user at the right time. Our technology combines reporting and prediction to reach your target's heart.

Targeting purchase intent

You can target a theme. But with our "purchase intender" offer, display your ads to qualified buyers who have expressly stated their intention to purchase. This type of targeting is a good example of the pure efficiency of Captch Me.

Attention captured, ads 100% visible

Your message is 12x better remembered.

Your brand benefits 111% additional memorization.

All in a positive brand-context.

Captch Me is particularly interesting for advertisers who wish to change the perception of their brands,
and for advertisers who want to draw attention to a specificity of their products.
Attention captured, ads 100% visible

Our various advertisers offers

Attention captured, ads 100% visible

Captch Me, the advertising format that
captivates your audience:
the right person at the right time,
with 100% of his attention.

NB: discrete brands please refrain: Captch Me is likely to attract attention to yourself by communicating efficiently.
Attention captured, ads 100% visible