About Captch Me

Geek, yes.
As good computer enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time on the internet and are active on many forums and blogs.
As professionals, we understand the need for a webmaster to secure its websites against SPAM.
But when Google reCaptcha™ takes us for robots, frankly, it annoys us!
Anyway, like you, we do not like CAPTCHAs.
We tried to imagine a system that would increase the reliability of CAPTCHAs, without having the usual drawbacks. An original solution imagined overseas quickly caught our attention: the marriage of CAPTCHA and advertising seemed to be the best solution to the problem that we had posed. Here we embarked on the adventure of publicaptcha!
But human above all.
Captch Me is first and foremost a human adventure. We give a dose of human contact in the automated world in which we operate, to combine the effectiveness of robotic systems and heat of a passionate team.
Discover the pioneers team behind the scenes:


Team Sensei
Former head of project in big consulting firms, he embraced his rockstar destiny by becoming the singer of the group Captch Me. He is born a growth hacker.

Pierre (aka Pedro)

Tech Guru
He is the "math guy" of the team (he got his "big data" Ph.D. when he was little). He is now part of the world's top 100 at the Solitaire game on Android (no less!).


Media Samuraï
Rocker, poet and brilliant storyteller. He is the one who whispers in the ear of our media and websites partners, and pampers them. And they love it !


Sales Ninja
The only woman on the team (it was time!) is also the most stylish. To pleasure herself, she helps people in need. To pleasure her, offer her a pair of Louboutin!


Code Magician
He owns the world's most beautiful site, with Captch Me installed on it. Rocker at heart, he came to us in training but we never wanted to let him go.


Code Senpai
Developer with multiple talents, hairy to dreads. He is a gamer and an occasional sportsman. Fascinated by new technologies, the group's tchatcher.
A little R&D further.
But if publicaptcha is the ideal solution to erase the bad traditional CAPTCHAs, we also quickly realized that this type of system requires more effort in terms of security. A long period of research and development has been necessary to build a reliable and user-friendly solution. Captch Me is the first service based on this technology to be commercialized by Attentive Ads.
By the end of 2014, Captch Me is the first service in the world to link captcha and surveys. We are thus the only ones capable of collecting declarative data to add this new dimension to Big Data. Criteo one day said, "Sky is the limit". At Captch me, the sky will not stop us.
Knowing how to get help.
In 2015, Captch Me raises 160 000 € from Paris Business Angels and Sowefund after becoming winner of Reseau Entreprendre 92 at the end of 2014. These partners give us the capacity to revolutionize the advertising targeting, with targeting based on mini surveys that we distribute for our customers in our native Publicaptcha formats.
Captch Me crowdfunded by Sowefund
Captch Me funded by Paris Business Angels
Captch Me winner of Réseau Entreprendre
Stéphanie Duchenois, President of Paris Business Angels, said: " Online advertising investment, having exceeded that of the press, will win against those of television. Investment in a Adtech therefore appeared to us as evidence, provided it is innovative. CaptchMe upsets the retargeting market, but also research and consumer surveys market. Clearly, CaptchMe innovates in a market with great potential: a winning mix! "
Captch Me recruiting!