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Captch Me, what is it?

The technology that we believe in

The captcha.

You probably already know without knowing it: it is this small portion of distorted text that you are sometimes asked to copy on the internet.

Their main drawback is that they are more difficult to read:

Captchas have become completely unreadable to the user

This test is useful for antispam protection, against automated submissions made by robots. The aim is to ensure that a response is not generated by a computer, but copied by a human behind the screen.

You often meet a captcha when you want to sign-up or sign-in to a site, or download a file. We prevent robots from participating 10,000 times over the same contests!

And Captch Me?

No more unreadable text: to validate Captch Me, the user must interact with the advertisement (as a game for example), or simply answer a question.

Captch Me looks like this:

With Captch Me, the captcha is human-readable and user friendly

For the user, the difference is obvious:
Captch Me is easy and enjoyable to understand!

Publishers are protected from spam, and more:
they are paid for posts made ​​by their users.

Brands gathers data and capture attention with the guarantee that their message is seen (and by a human !).

> See the Attentive Ads formats demos

Captch Me, for what use?

Monetize your audience at the best:

CaptchMe values ​​captchas, while exceeding existing safety levels.
CaptchMe also offers other innovative formats that capture the attention of the user, and monetize your datas: CaptchMe has everything to maximize your earnings.

Know and target your customers:

Go speak to your customers: broadcast a survey, collect real-time responses and use them to customize ads seen by users.
Precision and freedom for ad targeting based on knowledge rather than suspicion.

Captivate minds and make an impression:

Use our impactful formats and possibilities of site-centric and user-centric targeting, to reach the right audience at the right time, in the right place. The Captch Me bonus: deliver the right message to the right person, with a 100 % guaranteed visibility !

Every day, we are wasting
the equivalent of 124 years * in time
to complete captchas online
- for the sole purpose of protecting websites against spam.

Let's use this time more smartly!

(* 14 seconds on average attention by captcha x 280 million captchas solved every day worldwide)

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